Hello! I am: Anto! A young full stack developer

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• About me

I'm a undefined years old guy from Italy, I really like technology and programming, especially in JS/TS, Svelte, a little bit of C# and Python (ewwwwwwwwww), and I also play a lot of videogames
I also like hanging out with my friends and moderating servers/groups on Discord/Telegram

• Projects

Ok so I'm not gonna write everything because it's too long, but my main projects are:
- Bestemmiometro, an italian bot that counts how many times you send blasphemies (or bestemmie) in the chat
- TeleBridge, a Telegram bot that allows you to send messages from a Telegram chat to a Discord channel and vice versa
- Developer at EZFN OG Version, a Fortnite private server for mobile devices that supports different seasons like Chapter 1 Season 7 and others.
- Spotify Playlist Scraper, a tool that allows you to scrape a Spotify playlist, put all the data in a easily readable JSON file and download all the songs using yt-dlp
You can find everything else at my GitHub

• Contact

You can contact me on Telegram or Discord, but also on my

• Credits

The creation of the website was made possible thanks to the help of Fleny and me :p

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